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Izumibashi Blue Label Junmai Ginjo Sake 300ml

In stock
Product Details
Clover Product ID: 302RNANEJNJ0C
UPC: 074410067656

Blue Label Junmai Ginjo
青恵 純米吟醸
Junmai Ginjo Shu 純米吟醸酒
• Rice Polished精米歩合:
• Koji 50%, KakeMai 58%
• 100% Yamadanishiki harvested in Ebina, Kanagawa
• 神奈川県海老名産山田錦100%
Flat shape rice polishing, Kojibuta Method, Fune Shibori
• Sake Meter Value日本酒度: +7

• Acidity酸度: 1.1

• Alcohol %アルコール度数: 16
This Junmai Ginjo; refers to pure rice(junmai純米) and premium sake(ginjo吟醸)that polished to 60% or less is the signature bottle of Izumibashi. Unlike more than 90% of sake brewery used modern sake-making method, Izumibashi chose the traditional sake making process, which flat shape rice polishing, Kojibuta, Fune shibori.
Nose: Refreshing Faint citrus, ripe melon, green apple, green tea, a hint of anise, subtle skin of roast chestnuts.
Palate: Simple, clean, very dry, smooth-bodied, along with long finish.

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