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Trabanco Sidra Natural Espumosa Poma Aurea Brut Nature Asturias 750ml

SKU 01542
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Product Details

Poma Áurea is the first brut nature cider developed by Trabanco and under the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) "Cider from Asturias".

Poma Áurea is a totally natural cider, a brut nature in which both carbon dioxide and sugar are endogenous, i.e. the result of the fermentation process itself.

Trabanco´s new brut nature is the result of a careful ion of the raw material. For its elaboration, only two traditional Asturian varieties are used, Regona and Raxao, which ferment at a low temperature for several months in traditional chestnut wood barrels.

Once this first phase has been completed, a second, controlled, low-temperature fermentation takes place in a counter-pressure tank.

The result: an elegant and harmonious cider brut nature, which shows all its expression as an ideal accompaniment to appetizers (cheeses, pâtés ...) and menus based on rice, seafood or fish.

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