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We taste and select the finest wines from each region and price range to provide the most value driven and diverse inventory possible, while also stocking classic favorites. We believe that there are excellent wines in every price category that provide the consumer with memorable taste experiences. For these reasons we tend to feature lower volume craft producers with labels that may not be found in most grocery or big box stores. Shop our wines!

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Looking to taste some great harder-to-find wines, try a rare grape, delve into natural/organically produced wine, or simply take your palate off the beaten path? Join our wine club! As the oldest operating family-owned wine and spirits store in DC, we are uniquely positioned to utilize our extensive experience to provide you with knowledgeable service and source some of the best deals available in the Mid-Atlantic region on wines ranging from well-known classics to unknown gems that are sure to be the next big thing. To better share the small-production, well-crafted and delicious wines that our wine buyers have tasted and specially selected for you, we are launching a brand new wine club! Join now!


Located on the 1st floor of

Foxhall Square Mall

3301 New Mexico Ave, NW

Washington, DC 20016

Phone: 202-966-4444

For Curbside Pickup

Pull into the loading zone on the northbound lanes of New Mexico Ave. & stay with your vehicle.


Fall Hours

Starting Tuesday September 8th:

Monday-Wednesday: 11am to 6pm

Thursday- Friday 10am to 7pm

Saturday 10am to 6pm

Closed Sunday

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